Sample Cover Letters For Accounting Clerk Positions

Lura Boren
4354 Seth Street
Coleman, TX 76834

Ms. Dorthea Orris
Human Resources Manager
Unitrin Services Group
1992 Valley Lane
Austin, TX 78736

May 3, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Accounting Clerk

Dear Ms. Orris,

I am submitting this letter in interest of the position of Accounting Clerk as advertised. I believe I can offer the accounting and filing skills necessary to benefit and further the aims and interests of Unitrin Services Group.

To summarize the value I can bring to your organization, I have:

– In excess of 5 years of experience in maintaining and filing accounting files and documents of a varied and diverse nature, as well as general ledger recording and filing.

– Experience in the documentation of accounts payable, and researching and resolving any accounting discrepancies. I exercise a personal and supportive approach to encourage enhanced performance at both the individual and team levels.

– Experience in assisting accounting department personnel where appropriate, keeping management informed through regular reporting on progress and any problems encountered.

– An adaptable and flexible nature attained through working in situations of a demanding, mission-critical nature where the overall success of the team, as well as each individual, is the desired outcome.

I believe in building strong relationships with team members and fellow workers, whether equals or superiors. I have no doubt that my positive, team-centered attitude, coupled with my constant drive to produce solid results, will provide a constructive advantage to Unitrin Services Group.

I feel sure that a meeting would be in both our interests and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my experience and qualification as an Accounting Clerk can contribute to Unitrin Services Group. Please contact me at (123)-345-7934, or email me at

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Lura Boren

Encl: Resume

If you are angling for a job as an accounting clerk, you are probably more confident working with numbers than words. Indeed, writing a cover letter is challenging for people in many industries, but you can make it much easier by consulting our professional accounting clerk cover letter sample and accompanying pointers. You can accomplish the purpose of a cover letter, communicating your qualifications and reason for interest to a potential employer, through an expertly tailored text. Customizing it to fit your industry is a great way to demonstrate your familiarity with its conventions, and it also provides you with the opportunity to detail your attraction to the job, which an employer won’t find on your resume.

Professional Accounting Clerk Cover Letter Sample

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Accounting Clerk Cover Letter Must-Haves

There are a number of basic principles the professional accounting clerk cover letter sample above adheres to, and you likely noticed the tone and format it maintains. You can start your cover letter by also following a format that includes a salutation, body with three paragraphs, and conclusion. This will make it the right length for the details you need to include, such as your qualifications, reason for applying, and prior experience. In communicating this information, you need to maintain a professional and even tone through concise phrases and engaging language. It is important to incorporate all of these elements into a cover letter for a position in the field of accounting.

Best Action Verbs for an Accounting Clerk Cover Letter

If you want to really make your cover letter stand out the way our professional accounting clerk cover letter sample does, you can incorporate strong action words such as calculated, led, documented, collaborated, assisted, communicated, resolved, recorded, provided, and innovated.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Phoebe Selznick,

I am writing in response to the job posting advertising an open accounting clerk position at Financial Life Corporation. As a recent graduate from State University School of Business, I have both the education and experience necessary to excel in this role.The job description indicates that qualities such as attention to detail, familiarity with general accounting techniques, and CPA certification are all requirements for the job. In addition to my B.S. in Accounting, I have recently passed the certification exam for licensure. I have also developed qualities such as attention to detail through my prior experience working as a financial advisor at Johnson Holdings, Inc. and as an accounting intern at Financial Future. I believe these experiences have led me to an ideal career trajectory for a position at Financial Life Corporation. The job description’s details of the environment and opportunities at your company attracted me immediately. I hope to develop my accounting expertise at your company, and I believe my qualifications would be an asset to the team.Thank you for your time and attention in considering my application. I hope I can discuss my candidacy, career goals, and appropriateness for the job with you soon. Thank you for reading this letter.


John Doe

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