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    Visit the question/answer sites like Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswers. It's the place where people exposes their most hidden issues of their life they wouldn't even uncover to their spouse or parents. You can read psychological or material issues you would never think people can have. Search on the site using keywords, you will find some stories related to yours. Only focus on the questions; the answers are far less interesting.

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    Use pause when you listen to a story. When you read a book, watch a movie alone or view videos on YouTube, take the habit to pause at the most confusing moment. At this moment, try to guess the following. Search as many versions as possible. When you resume the story, your version is sometimes more original than the official ending. It's not plagiarism if the idea is different. You can also adapt your new ending to your story, change the names, the place. Eventually, it will be a completely different story.

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    Never be frustrated when you listen to a story. Sometimes, you see a trailer movie and you think "Wow! This concept is so original!" You go to see the movie and you discover that the concept is completely another one... Don't be frustrated! It means that you have found an original idea! Don't lose it.

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    Use the news headlines for inspiration. Find a striking and interesting article that catches your eye, and write about it.

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    Listen to conversations. Snippets of conversation can be incorporated into your story.

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    Listen to a song and really pay attention to the lyrics. How does the song make you feel? Happy? Sad? Write about a character you can create from these lyrics, or just write about how it makes you feel.

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    Sometimes, just writing the title of a future story will make your words flow and create an impressive story.

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    Write fan-fiction. Incorporate your favorite band or singer into it and write about their crazy, funny or sad antics. You could write about your interpretation of how a certain song came to be. There are many fan-fiction websites that you can then post your story on, and get reviews.

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    Look through a magazine or borrow some magazines from the library. Flip through the pages and see what you find. Embarrassing moments? Incorporate them into a story. Problem/help pages in the magazine? You can use one of those problems for your characters problem(s) and complications.

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    Look at pictures/photos of people. Imagine what their name is, who they are, their life story etc. Write about who they really are.

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    Take your real life experiences and incorporate them into your story. Or you could write an auto-biography!

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    If writing with a pen and paper and not on a computer, having the right stationary can actually improve your writing. You can't expect to use your full writing potential by writing on pre-scribbled paper with a really crummy pen, can you?

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    Write about your dreams and wildest fantasies coming to reality (don't worry, you can change the names!).

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    Make a mind map. Mind maps are great for organizing information about characters and events, especially if you are more of a visual person.

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    Watch TV, with a notebook or laptop on hand, and study the people, TV shows and commercials you see. TV can actually bring inspiring ideas to mind. Study the people on the commercials, and think of their life after the commercial has passed.

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    If you have/had a diary or journal, look through previous entries. Find something in their that you can incorporate into your story.

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    Try free-writing, it only takes about ten minutes a day. Basically, you write non-stop for 10-20 minutes, writing about whatever comes to mind. Don't make corrections as you write, and just keep writing, even if you have to write, 'I don't know what to write' until you can write something else.

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    Make an exquisite corpse. This is a really good writing activity that can strike up ideas with your friends or family when bored. (- denotes a new line). Grab a piece of paper, and write three lines about something (eg. Once upon a time, their lived a bird - named Andy. Andy loved fishing, because - he loved eating). Then fold the first two lines so only the third line is visible (e.g he loved eating) and then pass it to another person to continue. (e.g he loved eating walnuts- in the summer breeze. Suddenly- a huge beast from the) Keep continuing this until the page is filled. When you read back what you have wrote, you will most likely be having fits of laughter; it's very amusing.

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    Always carry a small notebook or a handheld computer with you so whenever inspiration strikes, you will be ready to record it and always have ideas for stories. Remember, you might not use a paragraph that you have written now, but who knows, in ten years time it might turn out to be the perfect ending for a story of yours.

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    Even when short on ideas, there are still things to write about! I remember an author visited my primary school and was talking to us about a new novel he wrote (I forget his name and what it's called!). He said he was just sitting down at a cafe (I think) with a notebook and pen in his hand, thinking of something to write... when he came up with the idea of a boy who never knew what to write, until he borrowed a strange pen off a boy who was an excellent writer, and when he used that pen his writing became very different.

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    Transfer all of your story ideas onto a laptop, computer or a notebook.

  • Best Answer:  You could examine the question "Do we take photographs because we are human, or are we human because we take photographs?".

    On the serious side, you could compare photography to philosophy. Much the same way as words are used to describe, or define the word around us in philosophy, pictures are used to describe and define the world around us in photography.

    There are the philosophical aspects relating to photography. Such as was mentioned, does a picture capture a person's soul, and therefore, can it steal that soul? At what point does nude photography cease to be art and becomes pornography?

    Philosophy deals with separating what is truth from what is assumed. How does that relate to abstract photography? In abstract photography, the objects in the pictures are real, but shown to us in the surreal.

    There are the basic philosophies of each photographer. For example, I shoot landscape, clouds and wildlife. My philosophy is to render my pictures as true to life as I can. Yet, come the fall, or on a really colorful evening, I will increase the color saturation, or even over saturate the colors to emphasize them. Why? The style of each photographer is a visual rendering of that photographer's philosophy. The subject matter they shoot, they way they compose those subjects in the frame, the lighting they use, all are part of that photographer's philosophy about life. For I shoot pictures to show life, and the world around me in the way that I see it.

    There is the ever turbulent subject of paparazzi. Philosophically, is it right to "invade" the personal lives of these, often, famous people? Do these people use the paparazzi to boost their fame, and remain so? I will use myself in this example, not because I am famous (because I'm not), but to avoid offending a famous person. I have just won "Best Darned Actor In The Whole Galaxy", and have gone out to celebrate. While leaving the place that I was celebrating in, drunk on my butt, I fall on my butt. The question is: Is it an invasion of my privacy to photograph me drunk on my butt in public? Or, is it ok because if I didn't want to get photographed being drunk, on my butt, in public, then I shouldn't be; dunk, on my butt, in public?

    You could also discuss what is right and what is wrong about photography. And what make it right or wrong.

    Explore the question: Does photography us the subject as it really was? Technically, a photograph can do nothing more than record the light, dark and colors that pass through the lens. Therefore, you get an exact rendering of what was before the lens (theoretically). Yet many tricks of the trade are used to alter that image to show the "mood" we want. Filters, adding lights to remove shadows and such. Although the picture is an actual recording of what was before the camera, is the picture one that shows what was actually there?

    And that leads us to the never ending... I'd love to say discussion, but it is no less than a full blown argument, of post processing. Even in the days of film, post processing was done. Anything from over or under exposing a print to correct improper camera exposure, to putting you (your picture) standing next to (insert famous person here). Today's digital revolution lends itself to post processing in a way never before possible. One of the most obvious examples is the black and white picture with one object that is in color (I hate that). But just about anything you want to do can be done in post processing. So consider, philosophically, how much post processing is acceptable, how much is not.

    My philosophy is to try and shoot the picture in such a way that no post processing is needed. Yet I do post processing on many of my images. Either to crop out something that I did not realize was in the picture, re-position the main subject, correct colors, or exposure. I am seldom more happy than when I open an image file for post processing, and find that it needs none. I did what I wanted to, and took the picture they way I wanted it.

    How does my philosophy relate to some who take a picture with the intent of changing the entire look in post processing? Or say someone who consistently takes a wide shot with the intent of cropping it down later? Examine the merits and demerits of each philosophy.

    I believe that if you look at photography, you will see many parallels between it and philosophy. And, as many topics to ponder and philosophize.

    Hope this gave you a few ideas. Feel free to take any one of these ideas and mold it to yours.


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