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Late Adulthood Essay

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Late Adulthood (age 60 – 80)

     During this closing period in the life span of human beings, people tend to “move away” from previous more desirable periods often known as “usefulness”.

     Age sixty is usually considered the dividing line between middle and old age. It is the time where you are considered an “elderly”- meaning somewhat old or advanced beyond middle age.

Period of decline – comes partly from physical and partly psychological factors. The physical cause of decline is a change in the body cells due to the effects of the aging process. The psychological cause of decline has something to do with unfavorable attitudes towards oneself, other people, work and life…show more content…

          Hair becomes gray or white and lessens

Trunk Region –

          Shoulders stoop and seem smaller

          Abdomen bulges and droops

          Hips become flabbier and broader

          Woman’s breasts sag and droop

Limbs –

          The upper arm becomes flabby and heavy

          Lower arms seem to shrink

          Hands and feet become scrawny and veins begin to appear

          Nails become thick and brittle

     Internal Changes –


Bones become brittle and are subject to fractures and

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