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Essay about Comparing Brothers are the Same versus Through the Tunnel

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The two stories "Brothers are the Same" by Beryl Markham and "Through the Tunnel" by Doris Lessing are both about growing up and entering adulthood. "Brothers are the Same" about a boy named Temas trying to prove he was tough and could be called an adult. In a similar situation in "Through the Tunnel" a young boy named Jerry is determined to go through an underwater tunnel that he saw some older French boys go through. He wants to accomplish this goal to prove to himself that he could do it . The two stories share a similar theme, but the authors perspective on the topic differ.

The theme the two stories share is about growing up. In the story "Brothers are the Same" Temas had to attempt to slay a lion to prove to the Masai…show more content…

Jerry set up a goal to go through itbefore summer vacation ends. He admitted he was afraid of the tunnel, which it a steptowards being mature.

In "Brothers are the Same" Temas he had to prove to everyone that he was becoming an adult. Temas, faces a lion that represents honor, manhood, and a girl to gain the lacked self-pride he must now obtain. In "Through the Tunnel" for Jerry, he just wanted to determain wheather or not he could go through the tunnel . For Jerry, the tunnel and getting past it only represents confidence and having done something that seemed impossible. I think that both situations were a good way to show an example for growingup. The theme for both stories were very similar.

Although the themes were simlilar, the authors perspective on the topic differ.Beryl Markham thinks that a rite of passage has to be proven to other people. Doris Lessing disagrees. Her thought on the topic is that for it to be a rite of passage it just hasto be proven to yourself. As long as you know you achieved your goal, then its considered a right of passage. I agree with Lessing, because I feel as long as you know you did itthen, no one can tell you otherwise. You don't have to prove to anyone anything.

The stories "Brothers are the Same" by Beryl Markham and "Through the Tunnel" by Doris Lessing have some similarities, but also differ in some aspects. The theme for both stories are about growing up and reaching maturity. The authors

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I believe that everyone deserves flowers on their grave.

When I go to the cemetery to visit my brother, it makes me sad to see graves — just the cold stones — and no flowers on them.

They look lonely, like nobody loves them. I believe this is the worst thing in the world — that loneliness. No one to visit you and brush off the dust from your name and cover you with color. A grave without any flowers looks like the person has been forgotten. And then what was the point of even living — to be forgotten?

Almost every day my brother’s grave has something new on it: Flowers from me, or candles from the Dollar Store or an image of the Virgin Maria or shot glasses. There’s even some little Homies, these little toys that look like gangsters.

Once my brother’s homies even put a bunch of marijuana on there for him — I think my mother took it away. I think she also took away the blue rag someone put there for him one day.

Sometimes, when I bring flowers, I fix the flowers on the graves around my brother’s grave. Some of the headstones have birthdates near my brother’s; they are young, too. But many of them, if they have any little toys or things on them, those are red.

All around my brother are boys who grew up to like red, making them the enemies of my brother. My brother was 16 when he was shot by someone who liked red, who killed him because he liked blue. And when I go to the cemetery I put flowers on the graves of the boys who liked red, too.

Sometimes I go to the cemetery with one of my best friends, who had a crush on a boy who liked red, who was killed at 18 by someone who liked blue. And we will go together and bring a big bunch of flowers, enough for both of these boys whose families are actually even from the same state in Mexico.

There is no one but me and a few of my friends who go to both graves. Some people think it’s a bad idea. Some people think it’s heroic.

I think they’re both being silly. I don’t go to try and disrespect some special rules or stop any kind of war. I go because I believe that no matter where you came from or what you believed in, when you die, you want flowers on your grave and people who visit you and remember you that way.

I’m not any kind of traitor or any kind of hero. I am the sister of Rogelio Bautista, and I say his name so you will hear it and be one more person that remembers him. I want everyone to remember all the boys, red and blue, in my cemetery. When we remember, we put flowers on their graves.

Elvia Bautista lives in Santa Rosa, California, where she works as a caregiver for the elderly and mentally handicapped. Bautista stayed after her brother’s murder even though the rest of her family moved away. A high school drop-out, Bautista now speaks to young people about the dangers of gang life.

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