H C Starck Case Study

Satisfied customers are the foundation of our long-term business success. As a result, our goal is to continually meet our customers’ expectations of our products and other services.

In order to reliably ensure that this is the case, the H.C. Starck Group has implemented various internal management systems. These are based on international standards and encompass of all areas of our company.

H.C. Starck leverages certified quality assurance tools and systems to ensure our materials are uniformly consistent, standardized, processable and pure. Our complex and demanding product approval procedures form the basis of our long-term customer relationships.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the optimization of our production processes and results, product quality and delivery reliability, we exploit a variety of manufacturing methods and techniques such as lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints. In doing so, we are able to continually enhance productivity, process efficiency, waste reduction and our cost structure.

C &C Grocery Case Analysis Essay examples

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C & C grocery store currently operates under a goal approach. They were committed to customer service and satisfaction. This approach provided the grocery chain with the profitability and growth they strived to obtain. The stores operative goals were attained and the chain had over 200 stores in operation. For years overall performance for C & C was excellent and came with ease. Unfortunately employee development and innovation and change weren't a top priority and it began to show. To remain successful C & C had to outsource and get advice from a team of consultants. The team dissected the company from top to bottom and advised the chain to implement an internal approach to go along with the goal approach. Implementing the internal…show more content…

The consulting team served as an analyzer and was very beneficial because they also encouraged C & C grocery to take on a focus differentiation to gain a competitive advantage. C & C should focus on their current customer base but also innovate. More departments (i.e. floral, pharmacy, gourmet/specialty) could be added to the stores to create one-stop shopping. Although they could not lower prices to compete with the Wal-Marts of the world they could venture into new possibilities to create more customer loyalty. For instance, if C & C had a pharmacy customers' could get their groceries and medicine in one location. Many customers would choose C & C grocery over Wal-Mart because of the friendly atmosphere and the stores desire to surpass their current expectations. This could put C &C in a realm of its own because larger retail stores have forgotten about customer satisfaction.

C & C Grocery's been in business for over 50 years and has a great customer base. It is very important for this company to continue to maintain customer loyalty so understanding their desires should be a high priority being that competition is increasing. The "Models of Effectiveness Values" allows management to take initiative and decide what is important for success and what can handle being a lower priority. In previous years, C & C didn't handle human relations in a respectable manner. In order to continue to have customer loyalty and profitability, employee morale is important

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