Mb0039 Solved Assignment 2012 Electoral Votes


4. Explain some of the approaches for handling customer complaints andlistening to customers.Ans:

i) Believe the customer


There is a saying that “The customer is the king.” Therefore it

is important to take the customers at their word, even though they may not be telling the truth,

rather than doubt what they are saying. Even if the customers‟ complaint may not be justified, it

is important to make an attempt to solve their problem.

ii) Listen actively


Make your customers feel that you are showing empathy, or putting yourself in their place. When a customer starts to complain, it is important to hear out the complaintcompletely, before responding or offering a solution. Sometimes a customer may be rude, angryand frustrated, but he/she needs to be handled tactfully. Once he/she has vented his/her feelings,it would be a good strategy to repeat the problem in an objective manner, to show that you haveheard and understood clearly. Consider the following example of how a sales assistant in a

medical shop deals with an angry customer: “What you are saying is that you entered the shop,

asked for and paid for 20 headache pills. When you got home, you discovered that you had been

given only 10, is that correct?” Thi

s is the best way to show the customer that you have listenedto and registered the complaint.

iii) Apologise


Even if the customer and not the company are at fault, it is always a good idea to

apologise to your complaining customer. From the customer‟s p

erspective, he/she is right andtherefore expects an apology. A sincere apology will go a long way in calming down an angry

customer. A general statement of apology such as “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused toyou” will be sufficient in such a sit

uation. A written letter of apology would also be effective in

regaining the customer‟s trust and confidence in the company.

iv) Satisfy


There is a saying that “A satisfied customer is the best advertisement for your  product.” This is because such a c

ustomer will spread positive word-of-mouth publicity aboutyour product to others. Therefore, it is important to identify your most valuable customers, listento them and make efforts to retain them, by offering them special privileges from time to time.

v) Thank


Even if the customer has launched a complaint, it is important to thank the customerfor bringing it to your attention, so that a solution can be found. A customer complaint should belooked at in a positive way - as an opportunity to solve a problem that did not exist earlier. In theabsence of the complaint, you may not have been aware of the problem in the first place and thiscould have damaged the reputation of the organisation.

5. Explain briefly the four steps of the review process.Ans:

1. Review for strategy


Review whether the document adheres to the design strategy.For example, whether objectives are accomplished, main idea is conveyed first or last, the

Republicans have a new strategy for 2016: Change the rules of presidential elections in order to swing the Electoral College in the GOP's favor.

On Wednesday, Virginia's Republican-controlled legislature became one of the first to advance a bill that would allocate electoral votes by congressional district. Last week, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus endorsed pushing through similar proposals in other states with Republican legislative majorities.

The strategy would have states alter the way they translate individual votes into electors -- thereby giving Republican candidates an advantage. Had the 2012 election been apportioned in every state according to these new Republican plans, Romney would have led Obama by at least 11 electoral votes. Here's how:

In the 2012 election, President Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by 126 electoral votes.

Within the 26 states that Obama took, Romney won a plurality of votes in 99 congressional districts.

Obama, on the other hand, won only 32 congressional districts in red states.

Each state has two more electoral votes than congressional districts. The most common Republican proposal -- under consideration in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan -- follows the same rules already in effect in Maine and Nebraska, which allocate the two additional votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote.

This is what the 2012 electoral map would have looked like had each state apportioned its electors using these rules.

The legislation introduced in Virginia, however, goes even further and proposes to allocate the two remaining votes not to the candidate who wins the state-wide popular vote, but to the candidate who wins the majority of congressional districts. This would give Republicans an even bigger advantage in that state.

Sources: The Associated Press, The Cook Political Report. Calculations do not include results for NY-1, NY-2 or PA-7.

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