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Sam Huffman first gained insight into Microsoft Project while working as a member of the MS Project development and support team. He has maintained his depth of knowledge of MS Project with each release and is a leading authority in the use and features of MS Project, Project Server and Project Online. Since the early 1990’s Sam has honed his instruction skills by delivering training programs to thousands every year. Sam is a frequent content contributor to the Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG) and speaks to groups often about MS Project, Enterprise Project Management and the discipline of Project Management. He was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional from 2010-2017. Check out his blog on MS Project.

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Projects are SAM assignment types that require students to work in the appropriate Microsoft Office application.

When working on a project, students download a Start File to their computer. They use the Start File to complete their work and upload the completed file back to SAM for grading.

In a regular SAM Project, students also download an Instructions File from SAM which provides step-by-step instructions designed to test key Microsoft Office skills in a real-world scenario.

NOTE: Some Office 365/2016 projects are not compatible with Mac computers. A warning displays above the scheduling options. Students view the message when they launch the project.

SAM Textbook Projects are a subset of projects that encourage students to read their books. They may not be graded as rigorously or precisely as regular SAM Projects and some steps covered in the books may not be graded. Textbook Projects grade the chapter tutorial in the Introductory-level chapters of Shelly Cashman, New Perspectives, and Illustrated textbooks, and help you verify that students are reading.

Regular SAM Projects have SAM Project in their name. Textbook Projects have Textbook Project in their name.

This table outlines the similarities and differences between Projects and Textbook Projects.

IMPORTANT: Files are Assignment Files in SAM 2013 and Instructions files in SAM 2016.

WARNING: The book will provide alternate file naming instructions for Textbook Projects. Before uploading their file to SAM, students must change the file name to match the name displayed in the Project dialog box.


Textbook Projects

Available for Microsoft Office 2013 or 365/2016

Available for Microsoft Office 2013 or 365/2016.

Students download an Instructions File and a Start file from SAM.

Students download a Start File from SAM.

WARNING: Students must download the starting data files from SAM. They cannot use the files downloaded from Cengagebrain or elsewhere as instructed in the book.

Students complete the Project by following numbered steps in the Instructions File.

Students complete the Project by following instructions in a chapter of their books.

SAM grades students on every skill presented in the Instructions File to test students’ mastery of Microsoft Office.

SAM grades students on most skills presented in the book chapter to verify students are reading.

Every step is graded and all steps display in the Graded Summary Report.

Some step may not be graded. Non-graded steps display greyed out in the Graded Summary Report.

SAM modifies the Start File by inserting students’ names.

SAM does not modify the Start or Solution Files. They match the instructions and screenshots available in corresponding book chapters.

Students are graded out of 100 by default. Each numbered step is worth the same number of points and partial credit may be available within each step. You can modify the step weights of each of the steps in the project.

Students are graded out of 100. Each skill shown on the Graded Summary Report (regardless of the step) is worth the same number of points. You cannot modify the project step weights.


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